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Castel aims to drive alcohol-free category

March 20, 2017

Based on market research commissioned by Castel Frères, there are plenty of reasons not to drink wine. These include drink driving, for medical or religious reasons, because of sport, pregnancy or breast feeding, and for one-off reasons such as medical examinations. Over the past three years, the Bordeaux-based group has sensed real potential for the still alcohol-free wine category in super and hypermarkets in France and has announced that it will be launching a range called Graine d’Envie next July. Produced by its subsidiary company Société des Vins de France (SVF), the initial releases will be targeted at “driving a rapidly growing segment”, the group said in a press statement.
The brand, which will be available as a Merlot red and a Syrah rosé, is being touted as aromatic and balanced and is designed first and foremost as “wine, then as alcohol-free”. The retail price – 3.2 euros a bottle – underscores the company’s intention to “appeal to a wide-ranging audience”, as recommended by the research conducted by Castel since 2014.
To support the Graine d’Envie brand, Castel will be investing in “a high-impact, liberal advertising campaign”. The firm is quite clearly revelling in the opportunity to get its creative juices flowing and not to have to comply with the restrictions imposed by the notorious Loi Evin. The billboard ads will focus heavily on enjoyment, “sharing” and “lack of health restrictions”.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Castel ]

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