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For safer trade at home and abroad

Protection against unpaid invoices

The Coface Group, a trade risk expert, offers credit insurance solutions that aim to protect businesses against the risk of financial default by their worldwide customers. Thanks to its presence in 66 countries and information available on 65 million companies, Coface provides detailed analysis of the changes in country, sector or company risks, allowing businesses to operate in a safer environment and take the right decisions.


Business-to-business lending, i.e. supplier credit, is a key element in the financial strategy of companies. It is the main source of their funding, far ahead of bank credit and financial credit. Coface’s business is to make supplier credit both sustainable and advantageous.

Credit insurance covers revolving or single risk business. In return for the payment of a premium, Coface pays, in the event of a loss, an amount up to the covered portion of the outstanding debt.

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Since 1946, Coface has been managing State guarantees on behalf of the French State.

A range of 5 insurance products are available with the aim of promoting and supporting French exports. 

French companies are accompanied at each stage of their export development: to win market share abroad with financial support, to obtain pre-shipment financing or facilitate bond issuance, to export in foreign currencies, to guarantee completion and payment of the export contract, and to invest abroad.

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Access to country risk assessments

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Regularly updated, they provide an estimate of the average credit risk on a country’s business.