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The best way to French Wines



International Marketing Agency for Food, Wine and Lifestyle

Strategic consulting / A full range of PR mechanics / Trade Marketing / International exhibitions and events 

"Our mission is about supporting a product or brand, through increasing visibility across its key markets and allowing it to expand all across the world."

The benchmark agency for international marketing specialising in food, wine and lifestyle, Sopexa works with 2,400 private companies and brands and 130 food and drink associations or collectives, driving their marketing and communications strategy in France and across the world. 280 communications specialits actively engage with clients to create sustainable connections between French and our local cultures. With an integrated network of 30 agencies, the group operates across 43 countries. 


Our level of marketing expertise, combined with in-depth knowledge of these product sectors and export markets, constantly enhanced by local agency insight, is the guarantee of a winning strategy for our clients. Since its creation, Sopexa has worked across France's entire food and drink portfolio. Wine and spirits account for 50% of our business.

A foothold in international markets

The French Pavilion and the 24H Expo, two effective ways of developing business in international markets

With the organisation of French Pavilion and 24H Expo, Sopexa initiates and boosts new business opportunities in international markets. These events offer  a direct contact with local industry professionals and allow the development of your presence in international markets. 40 events are organised every year.