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Ours 39 countries

  • Argentina

    With one of the world's largest vineyard areas, Argentina is both a big wine producer and consumer. With a population of over 41.3 million people, Argentina is an important market. The president of the Argentine Republic, Cristina Kirchner, described wine as the “national drink” in 2010. In that year,...

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  • Australia

    With a population of 21.4 million people in 2011, Australia may seem like a moderate market in comparison with certain other wine superpowers. But it's an important market because of its status as a large wine producer and high spending power of its population. In 2010, Australia produced 1142 million...

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  • Austria

    Austria is both a wine producing and consumer country. Wine consumption is high: around 30 litres per capita making it the world's thirteenth largest. However, with a population of 8.2 million people, Austria represents a smaller market with consumption of 250 million litres in 2010, or 1% of global...

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  • Belgium

    Belgium is a large wine consumer with a population of 11 million people. Although quantifiable as a mature market of real connoisseurs overall, the Belgian market is divided between the Flemish speaking north and French speaking south. After seeing rapid and regular growth in the 2000s, wine drinking...

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  • Brazil

    The Brazilian economy is in full expansion, mainly stimulated by dynamic domestic demand. The wine market is following the same trend, with wine imports increasing by nearly 95% in the past 5 years. Brazil is both a wine producing and consuming country. Per capita wine consumption, although up (+9.1%...

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  • Canada

    Canada is both a producing and consumer country. With over 33 million people and annual per capita consumption around 13 litres in 2010, the Canadian wine market is a key market to be in, profitable and growing substantially, even if the alcoholic drinks market is still dominated by beer. Annual per...

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  • Chile

    With a population of over 16.4 million people, Chile represents a smaller market. Overall wine consumption came to 260 million litres in 2010, or annual per capita consumption of 16 litres, which is moderate if you compare it to the big consumer countries such as France or Italy, where it's around 50...

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  • China

    China is both a wine producing and consumer country that is set to establish itself among the leading wine producing nations within the next few years. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, the Chinese market shows particularly promising potential both in terms of production and as a market...

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  • Denmark

    Because of its northerly location, Denmark produces virtually no wine but consumes a large quantity of it: 73% of households drink wine. The Danish market is considered as one of the most lucrative in Europe. With a population of almost 5.5 million people, Denmark has very high per capita wine consumption;...

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  • Finland

    Finland doesn't produce wine. It's essentially a consumer country. Per capita wine consumption is quite significant: 10 litres in 2010 vs 5.6 en 1995. With a population of 5.3 million people, Finland represents a smaller market with consumption constantly increasing for several years now and reaching...

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